Note: There are some performance issues with the JS version, especially in Firefox.
If you have problems, try Chrome or the Java version.


After years of slumber, the sleeping volcano is waking up.

The island’s only hope are the 4 magic lullabies. Legend says that such songs can bring the volcano back into a deep sleep.

This is a job for Lola Bay, explorer and opera singer!

Can you find all the songs and delay the inevitable eruption?


Collect all songs scattered through the island before the volcano wakes up.

Each song that you collect and sing will make the volcano sleep a bit longer, so you get more time to finish the game.


  • Arrow keys: Move
  • Space: Jump


If you get stuck on the temple level (reverse)llaw eht no sgniward eht ta kool(/reverse).


VolcanoLullaby (v1.1) 5 MB
Volcano Lullaby (Java - v1.1)
Volcano Lullaby (Java - v1.0).jar 9 MB

Install instructions

The java version requires a modern version of Java installed:

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